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Are You Holding You Back?

We all have quirks, weaknesses, bad habits, and sometimes we’re just ignorant.  These things may be stopping us from getting what we want. It’s called self-sabotage.  We have to be self-aware enough to address it. Especially if we want to get somewhere other than where we already are. We need to get out of our own way.

Looking deep into ourselves isn’t always pleasant (and, on occasion, can be downright terrifying). We leave clues for ourselves and there are usually plenty of people willing to point out where improvement would be welcome (you know who those people are).  It is imperative to sift through all that and be honest with ourselves and then repair it. Continue reading

Rebranding the Bucket List

The “Bucket List” has a serious public relations problem! In theory, is a fabulous concept- do all the things you ever wanted to do before you die.

In reality, Hollywood has given us this version of it where we are faced with a shortened timeline for our life and then we cram in a bunch of wild and crazy things that we never got to do.  It is a bit misleading to the average person.

First, it gives us the illusion that we have all the time in the world- because we’re all going to live to be 112, right?  We procrastinate because we believe we will fit things in eventually because of an abundance of all this time. There are also those among us who are afraid of kicking said bucket and choose to ignore their list as if it will hasten their demise. .

Second, this glamorized version assumes too much.  It assumes we have never done anything wild and/or crazy.  It assumes we want to be wild and crazy.  It also assumes we have been living uninteresting lives up to this point. Continue reading

Spark- A little ‘something’ to motivate or make us think!

While I like to read long and inspiring stories and essays, I have realized that sometimes all I need is a spark in my day.

A spark is just a tiny something- a quote, a meme, a song, a TED talk, etc.- that gives you a lift or a nudge or helps you refocus.  

I have these types of sparks sprinkled in to my work space and my home. Somedays I will start off with a TED talk or some music while eating breakfast just to help get my day off right.

So each Thursday I am going to leave you just a spark to ponder each week.  Today I start off with my favorite of all time.


Why Balancing Your Budget Affects Your Dreams

You have dreams and goals and aspirations. You are ready to go after what you want.  But can you put your money where your mouth is? Your personal finances and your dreams are perpetually interconnected.

Dreaming is the fun part…Oh the Places You’ll Go! (fist bump to Theodore Geisel)…the things you can do!…the stuff you can get! It is exhilarating!  But have you balanced your checkbook? Paid your debts? Built an emergency fund?

Unless you are a personal finance geek (guilty as charged) all that number stuff really puts a damper on that dream.  It isn’t glamorous.  It isn’t sexy.  The reality is once you dream the dream and set the goals then it’s time to work.  That isn’t glamourous or sexy either but without it there is no success.

Why is being able to balance your budget so important?

*Money is a tool and it is better to control it than for it to control you Continue reading

How to Encourage Risk Taking in Your Kids

Risk taking is beneficial for kids.  The experts (well, at the very least, Jim Taylor, Ph. D. over at Psychology Today)  find it is good for confidence, assertiveness, academic and physical pursuits, and competitiveness.  As parents, we want our children to have as many advantages as possible.  So how can we encourage them?

Risk taking is different for each child. Each has a different comfort zone.  The goal is to get them out of that comfort zone without bullying them to be someone they aren’t.  Their comfort zone may be physical, social, or academic.  It is fairly easy for a parent who is paying attention to identify that. It is important to keep that on your radar.

...get them out of that comfort zone without bullying them to be someone they aren't. Click To Tweet

Once identified, it is time to encourage. Continue reading