How to Get Unstuck with Baby Steps

I was walking down the street and happened to see a man sitting on his porch. Next to the man was his dog, who was and whimpering. I asked the man “What’s wrong with your dog?” The man said “He’s laying on a nail”. I asked “Laying on a nail?, Well why doesn’t he get up?” The man then replied “It’s not hurting bad enough.”

I believe that story is by Les Brown and many motivational speakers have used it since.  It keeps getting recycled because it is so true.  Change is hard. Sometimes it takes more motivation than you think. Sometimes it is easier to stay with the devil you know instead of leaving with the devil you don’t.  What many people miss in that story is that the dog doesn’t need to do anything dramatic to change or to alleviate his discomfort.  He just has to get up.  That’s it.  He doesn’t have to go find a new dog house, he doesn’t have to find a new owner, he doesn’t even have to find a new porch, he just has to get up!

Sometimes we find ourselves in a rut in a particular area of our life.  We know we don’t like what’s going on there but we may not know what to do about it or we think we have to make sweeping changes in our life in order to change it.  Sometimes you just need to do one simple thing.  That one simple thing may fix your ills or it could lead to a snowball of other small fixes that cure your ills.  What is the worst thing that can happen?  You shake up your life a little bit? It doesn’t do you any good whatsoever and you never do it again?  But what if….?

Don’t know how to get off your nail?  Here are a few suggestions:

Your financial life needs a makeover?

  •         Save a dollar a day
  •         Add $50.00 to that minimum credit card payment every month
  •         Try one week with no spending

Your marriage could use a tune up?

  •         Greet your spouse at the door with a hug
  •         Express your gratitude
  •         Schedule a date night

You hate your job?

  •         Brainstorm ways to make your work environment more pleasant
  •         Take an hour to research other jobs that are out there
  •         Update your resume

In the midst of a spiritual crisis?

  •         Find one thing to be grateful for every day for a week
  •         Do a random act of kindness
  •         Try a new spiritual practice like meditation, prayer, or fasting

Need to work on your health?

  •         Eat one healthy food item today or skip that one unhealthy one
  •         Take a walk around the block
  •         Make that long overdue doctor’s appointment

Need to up your parenting game?

  •         Be silly with your kids
  •         Put your electronics away for an evening
  •         Schedule some one on one time

You woke up on the wrong side of the bed and you need an attitude adjustment?

  •         Listen to some of your favorite music
  •         Find something to make you laugh or smile (there is a purpose for all those cat videos             out there!)
  •         Find time to chat with someone you love

Your life is boring?

  •         Try a new food
  •         Go to an event out of your comfort zone. Ex: If you like rock n’ roll try a zydeco concert 
  •         Learn something new

Today I am going to learn a little bit about a new app to get off my fear-of-technology nail.  It will insure that my life will not be boring today.

What little thing are you going to do to try to get off your nail?

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