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Day of the Dead: Celebrating My Feminine Heritage

Tomorrow is Day of the Dead.

While it is not part of my culture, I find myself wishing that it was.

If you are unfamiliar with it, Day of the Dead  is celebrated in many Hispanic cultures to honor the ancestors who have gone before them.  In Mexican culture there are beautiful colorful graphics with ‘sugar skulls’.  The dead are celebrated with flowers, their favorite foods (sometimes even picnicking in the cemeteries), and reminiscing. Many outside of the Hispanic culture sometimes find it a little morose or macabre but it is the exact opposite. It is the celebration of the lives of those that were loved while they were here. Continue reading

Is a Successful Marriage Really Hard Work?

I don’t think so.

Whenever I hear a discussion on marriage everyone talks about the hard work it takes to make it successful.  I contend that it is not hard; it is merely inconvenient.

[Disclaimer #1:  When I say that marriage is not hard I am not including those marriages that include abuse, addiction, or fraud.  Those are very hard and I don’t want to minimize that.  I am talking about the average Joe and Sally (in as much as there can be such thing). Disclaimer #2: I am also assuming both parties desire a successful marriage and are participating as such.] Continue reading

Why Knowing What You Don’t Want is Important

“What do you want to do?” is a ubiquitous question.  How about asking, “What don’t you want?”

At almost every stage of life you will hear a familiar lament from someone you know, “I am not sure what I want”. This starts very early when bored children are trying to find something to do.  They have no idea what they want but when mom and dad start making suggestions they can easily identify what they don’t want to do.  This continues throughout our lives, the subject matter just changes.

But we can use it to our advantage. Continue reading

Humor + Amusement = Less Stress

Ever wonder why there are so many cat, dog, and goat videos all over the internet?

It’s simple- They make us laugh and give us a micro shot of relief!

As adults, many times our puritanical work ethic can get the best of us.  It keeps our nose to the grindstone and makes us think too seriously of ourselves sometimes.  Now, I believe it is important to have a good work ethic but it always helps us to alleviate some of that stress with humor and amusement.  And the scientists agree…even the ones over at Harvard! Whether it is sarcasm or silliness they are on board that it is a good thing. Continue reading