Questions to ask yourself

Questions to Ask Yourself When Contemplating a Major Life Change


Sometimes we feel we need to make a change.  How can you tell if you just need to color your hair, try something new, or make a drastic change?

No one can really answer that question but you. Sometimes a small change can garner large results. However, if there is even a remote possibility that you could/should/want/have to make a huge transformation then you should make sure you explore it thoroughly.

Should You Change?

Here are some questions to help you explore that option:

What is holding you back?

Is it fear?  Circumstances?  The lack of something? An overabundance of something?  Is it              pride?

Are you disenchanted?

Is your reality not what you expected?  Has something happened to cloud or tarnish a                  situation?

Are you numb?

Do you just not care anymore?  Do you feel dazed? Is it possible to snap out of it?

Are you bored?

Is there anything you can do to liven the situation?  Are you bored because you are boring?

Do you feel you are settling?

Are these feelings justified?  Can you look for a better situation?

Do you feel you are living a life someone else picked for you?

Have you made the choices in your life? Did you delegate those choices to someone else?

Do you want more?

What exactly is it that you want more of?  Does it fit into your priorities?

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What is the worst thing that can happen if you make a change?

What would failure look like?  Is it really that dramatic?  If you failed then what would you              do?

What is the worst thing that can happen if you DON’T make a change?

Will part of your life as you know it be at risk?  How will it affect you holistically?

Carefully consider your answers and if the change is inevitable, ask yourself more questions on how to go about doing this.

How to Change?

Who does this change affect?

Is it just me? My family?  Others around me? What can I do to minimize any negative affects?

What benefits will this change give me?

Time?  Money?  Peace of mind?  Aligning with my priorities? A new adventure?

What sacrifices will I have to make?

Time?  Money?  Peace of mind?  Stability?  What can I do to minimize them?

Is this temporary or long term?

Is this something I can live with for that period of time?

Will this require a lifestyle change?

Will I have to develop all new habits?  Will I have to change my environment?

Can I ease my way into this change?

Is this something I can start slowly and build momentum?  Will I have to make one giant                leap?

What kind of preparation will I need to make to do this?

What arrangements must be made?  Is there anyone I need to talk to?

What are my resources?

Do I have a support system?  Do I have the tools needed?  Is my financial status ready for            this?

Do I have a plan in place?

Are my goals written down?  Are they actionable?  Do I know where I need to start?

Can you answer every single one of these questions?  Did you come up with more on your own?  Did you answer them?

If you did, then congratulations! You have vetted your situation and are now ready to make a decision.  Whether you stay on your path or you leap into the next adventure, I wish you luck and peace in that judgement.

Are you contemplating a major change?

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