50 ways to be generous without spending money

Fifty Ways to be Generous Without Spending Money


Being generous is the natural side effect of living a happy and fulfilled life.  It is also the antidote for when we feel lost or blue.  It can take our focus off ourselves and make us pay attention to the world around us. It serves both us and the receivers of our generosity. It is empowering.

Many times people equate giving with cash. If you have the means, then go ahead and share but what if you don’t?  While monetary philanthropy is important, it is a narrow way to be generous.  There are many other ways to share with others.

Generous With Our Time

  •         Building relationships
  •         Helping our neighbors
  •         Volunteering for a cause
  •         Listening to the lonely
  •         Caring for the sick

Generous with Our Things

  •         Sharing a surplus
  •         Lending what we are fortunate to have

Generous With Our Hospitality

  •         Including others
  •         Making people feel welcome
  •         Offering people a meal or cup of coffee
  •         Giving people a place to stay
  •         Allowing the use of our property
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Generous with Our Words

  •         Giving thanks
  •         Showing appreciation
  •         Giving words of encouragement
  •         Expressing love
  •         Expressing hope
  •         Speaking positively
  •         Sincere compliments
  •         The promoting of others

Generous With Our Talent

  •         Giving in kind
  •         Teaching our skills
  •         Giving advice in areas in which we are experienced

Generous in Our Acceptance

  •         Accepting people as they are
  •         Acknowledging to ourselves that we are not standing in the other’s shoes
  •         Allowing people their quirks and/or awkwardness

Generous in Our Civility

  •         Practicing our manners
  •         Being kind
  •         Looking for opportunities to help others
  •         Practicing good sportsmanship

Generous in  Our Graciousness

  •         Accepting others generosity
  •         Letting others show their appreciation for you
  •         Admitting when we are wrong or when others are right

Generous with Our Affection

  •         Handshakes and High Fives
  •         Hugs
  •         Greetings and Salutations

Generous With Our Attitude

  •         Being humble, not thinking we are above anyone
  •         Being cooperative
  •         Being patient
  •         Celebrating other’s successes
  •         Allowing someone their moment in the spotlight
  •         Knowing our own limitations and weaknesses

Generous With What We Don’t Say and Do

  •         Not gossiping
  •         Not judging
  •         Not condemning
  •         Not pointing out faults
  •         Not embarrassing others
  •         Not crossing boundaries
  •         Not ignoring others
  •         Keeping someone else’s secrets

Do you know of any other ways to be generous without relying on cash?

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