Do Nothing Day: Summer Edition

Do Nothing Day: Summer Edition

Back in December, I posted a little something about how to do nothing.   I wanted to encourage everyone to take a little mental health day after the holidays.  After all the chaos from Thanksgiving til New Years, we need to unwind.

Well, here we are past the half way mark of 2017.  I am realizing that I, along with many of the people I know and love, once again need to schedule a Do Nothing Day.  We have longer days and we are trying to fill them with as much living as we can.  What we call relaxation looks remarkably similar to cramming things into our calendar because we are afraid of missing out.

What we call summer relaxation looks remarkably like cramming things into our calendar. Click To Tweet

For those of us who live in a seasonal climate, everyone is trying to make the most of the weather.  It is also a season of celebrations- graduations, weddings, the big birthday party for the country.  There is definitely a lot to fit in.  And admit it, sometimes you need a vacation after your vacation.

I know I am ready for a bit of down time.  So I am scheduling another Do Nothing Day before I run out of summer.  There will be no alarm clocks.  I will turn off my phone.  I will actually read that book that I swore I was going to get to… or not.  I will sit on my patio and drink sangria, hopefully holding the hand of the love of my life, and quietly end my day watching the lightning bug show.

How about you?  Are you going to schedule your own Do Nothing Day?

If you missed it, here is the original post:

We are in the midst of the holiday bustle and whether you enjoy it or you don’t- chances are it’s getting a little chaotic and stressful.

Most of us let out a sigh of relief when it is over.  We must beware of the aftershocks…cleaning up the decorations (those lights don’t put themselves away), the party food hangover (carb overload, Aunt Sadie’s Shrimp and Pineapple Fluff, 100 year old fruit cake) and the general cloud of fog that can settle in your brain (huh?).

So how do we protect ourselves and prepare ourselves for the new year?

Schedule a Do Nothing Day

Aka  Mental Detox Day

Aka Lazy Day

Aka Mental Health Day

Aka Pajama Day

Whatever you want to call it….SCHEDULE IT NOW!!!

Pick a day in January.  It can be a weekend or take a day off of work and put it on the calendar.

You know if you don’t put it on the calendar it is going to be put off to the side and forgot about until you’re at work staring at the computer with jaw slack and your co-workers are starting to wonder if you’ve over dosed on something your Cousin Vinny brought home from the Bahamas.

If it’s on your calendar you are obligated to do it.

Do Nothing

This can be literal.

Or this can mean do nothing you don’t want to do.

I highly recommend:

  •        Do not set alarm
  •        Turn off phone while sleeping or for the entire day
  •        Stay in your pajamas
  •        No cooking- set up your food the day before or order a pizza
  •        No chores

What this usually looks like at my house:

Me: PJs, Up when my bones hurt, lots of tea, a nap and a stack of books

The Mister: PJs, Sleep until noon, a little tv, a little reading, a little puttering, repeat

Angel #1- PJs, up between 8 am or noon, Hot Chocolate, TV Marathon, read if someone hijacks TV

Angel #2- PJs, sleeps til 10, gets on phone, naps til 2, gets on phone, naps til 5, gets on phone

What will yours look like?

Schedule it NOW!

Thank me later

You know you will.  

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