Personal Integrity

The First Step to Personal Integrity

In a world of selfies, posturing, and selling yourself as a brand, it could be easy to forget about personal integrity.

Personal integrity can be defined by truthfulness and consistency in a moral and ethical way.  But even that can be derailed by our self-promotion in an attempt to steer people away from all negatives and dark things lurking in our closets.

Perhaps it would be better to define personal integrity by our thoughts and actions when we are the only one in the room.

A case can even be made that personal integrity is easy when everyone is watching.  When we have to be accountable, we have boundaries that are easy to follow.  We may be motivated by the elevation of that personal brand. Or be motivated by shame and embarrassment.

Who are we when no one is keeping tabs?   

Are we practicing what we preach?

Are we authentic in the way we present ourselves to the world? Is there anything worse than the stench of hypocrisy?

Are we lying to ourselves?

You Need to Have Personal Integrity With Yourself

We can justify a lot of things.  We can play the victim card.  We can ignore what we’ve done and anything that makes us feel uncomfortable.

It doesn’t mean we’re bad people.  We may have screwed up or just haven’t figured out the right way to deal with our truth.

Time to put the big girl panties on or pull on the straps of your grown-ass man boots. It’s never easy but it has to be done.

It doesn’t need to be done all at one time but it has to be worked on.  Consistently.  Until we get it right.

The Benefits

Personal integrity reaps way more than we sow.

  •         It develops character- we are who we say we are
  •         It helps our confidence- every step we take proves that we can
  •         It helps us become more courageous- each little step gets us ready for the bigger step
  •         It’s a lot less stressful- things get easier when we don’t have to hide
  •         It makes us more empathetic- as we fight your own demons you can be compassionate         to others.
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The First Step

We need to keep the promises we make to ourselves.

Just as if we were dealing with a friend, we can’t over promise.  We have to make sure it is doable and then just make it happen.

For instance, if we decide to live a healthier lifestyle, we don’t want to make a promise to work out three hours a day at the gym. That is pretty lofty if we aren’t already in tip top shape. Instead, we could commit to a half hour work out three days per week or a walk around the block every day.

It makes it easier to keep the promise and encourages us to make the next one.

When we are truthful and consistent with ourselves, we won’t have to work so hard to polish our public image.

When we have personal integrity when we are alone in the room it is almost impossible not to have personal integrity in the other areas of our lives.

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