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Hello Clean Slate

There is nothing more exciting to me than a brand new spiral notebook.  It is just so beautiful.  So pristine.  So ready for the possibilities.  It is a clean slate. I love it because I can do whatever I want.  It could be a to-do list, a journal, a sketchbook, or I can fill it with notes about any subject I want.  What is there not to like about that?

Many times a clean slate is harder to come by than a new notebook:  Moving, ending relationships, starting new jobs, apologizing.  However, we get that magic time that our cultural tradition gives us every year…New Years!

Yes, a lot of times we have to drag baggage with us over the time stamp but we get a metaphorical break.  We can choose what changes we will make, what goals we will keep, which people get to stay in our lives.

Now, I am not a fan of New Year’s resolutions (I think that they are a waste of time).  I do believe in setting goals. I also don’t believe that we need to wait until New Year’s Day to start (I decided on a reboot a couple months ago).  With all that said, it is a great time to let go and go forth.

Letting Go

Often the impetus for success in our lives is letting go of something that wasn’t working or wasn’t good for us.  So the invisible marker between years is a good reminder for us to do that.  We can exit any lingering pity parties we were having for ourselves, we can let go of pain, we can let go of disappointment, we can let go of our expectations.

Crossing that man-made timeline of New Year is a great time to adjust our attitudes. Click To Tweet

Attitude Adjustment

Crossing that man-made timeline is also a great time to adjust our attitudes.  We can leave behind the negative and embrace the positive. We can go in with the idea that we can make a difference.  We can decide that we will face our realities differently than we did just one minute ago.


We can forgive ourselves for the promises we didn’t keep to ourselves.  We can start the accountability clock over again.  We can require more of ourselves. We get another chance to do what we say we are going to do.

Taking Risks

We get a whole new year to take new risks.  To try things and see if they work.  To dare to do it differently than we did last year.

Madonna/Gaga Strategy

We can be Madonna or Lady Gaga and reinvent ourselves.  We can do it to move us forward toward our goals.  We can do it to for personal satisfaction.  We can do it just for fun.


Life never really goes according to plan.  On one hand, that really sucks.  On the other hand, the chances are good that there will be good surprises and adventures to be had. We can take advantage of the serendipity.

I am taking advantage of the clean slate.  2017 was not kind to me but I am still standing.  THAT is exciting! So I am running towards 2018 full steam ahead.  Want to come with me?

Good bye 2017!  Hello Clean Slate!

Photo Credit: Jack Fowler

What are you letting go of?  What are you hoping you will find in 2018?

2 thoughts on “Hello Clean Slate

  1. Christine Maiani

    Words of wisdom Anna. This is exactly the message I needed this morning. I realize how I just hold on to things and can’t let go I only feel safe when everything is the same even though it doesn’t always work that well for me! So yes I’m joining you in 2018❤


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