About Me

Hi, I am Anna and I live a serial life.

Why a serial life? It’s expansive.  It’s good for my heart and soul.  I meet new people.  I gain broader views.  It is exciting.  It is satisfying.  It is never boring.

I hit that middle mark, the big birthday, 50.  Everyone kept asking me how I felt about it as if I should be seeing a therapist or a priest or something.  I counted up all the fabulous moments and accomplishments. I felt great.

And I am not done. I decided I want to add more fabulousness to my personal evolution.

So I am birthing this blog and sharing my perspective with you. Whether tiny tweaks or giant leaps, hopefully I will inspire all those who feel ‘stuck’ or ‘stale’ or ‘meh’ to think, create, connect, and appreciate.

If you met me on the street I could easily be categorized as a middle aged, middle class suburbanite from Middle America.  If you got to know me it would be a harder box to check. In today’s vernacular they would most likely describe me as a “Creative”.  Thirty years ago it would have been “Artsy Fartsy”. I like “Renaissance Woman”.  In all reality I am intensely curious, excited about learning new things, and have an endless variety of subjects with which to entertain myself.

I currently earn a living as Pastry Chef and a Sugar Artist.  I bake things, decorate baked things, and teach others how to make baked and decorated things.  You can check out that part of my serial life at www.grand-finale.com. I decided to add writer to that list and so this adventure begins.

If you are unsure what a serial life is or why you might want to live one please read  What is a serial life?