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An Update on My Fabulous (Bucket) List

A while back I wrote about my opinions on rebranding the bucket list.  I rebranded mine “The Fabulous List”.  

One thing I have learned is that the list is fluid.  What may have been on the list 10, 5, or even one year ago might not be as attractive as it once was.  There are also things that get added to the list and there are opportunities that come along that we didn’t even identify as a want until it was presented to us. Continue reading

Rebranding the Bucket List

The “Bucket List” has a serious public relations problem! In theory, is a fabulous concept- do all the things you ever wanted to do before you die.

In reality, Hollywood has given us this version of it where we are faced with a shortened timeline for our life and then we cram in a bunch of wild and crazy things that we never got to do.  It is a bit misleading to the average person.

First, it gives us the illusion that we have all the time in the world- because we’re all going to live to be 112, right?  We procrastinate because we believe we will fit things in eventually because of an abundance of all this time. There are also those among us who are afraid of kicking said bucket and choose to ignore their list as if it will hasten their demise. .

Second, this glamorized version assumes too much.  It assumes we have never done anything wild and/or crazy.  It assumes we want to be wild and crazy.  It also assumes we have been living uninteresting lives up to this point. Continue reading