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Why Knowing What You Don’t Want is Important

“What do you want to do?” is a ubiquitous question.  How about asking, “What don’t you want?”

At almost every stage of life you will hear a familiar lament from someone you know, “I am not sure what I want”. This starts very early when bored children are trying to find something to do.  They have no idea what they want but when mom and dad start making suggestions they can easily identify what they don’t want to do.  This continues throughout our lives, the subject matter just changes.

But we can use it to our advantage. Continue reading

Spark- A little ‘something’ to motivate or make us think!

While I like to read long and inspiring stories and essays, I have realized that sometimes all I need is a spark in my day.

A spark is just a tiny something- a quote, a meme, a song, a TED talk, etc.- that gives you a lift or a nudge or helps you refocus.  

I have these types of sparks sprinkled in to my work space and my home. Somedays I will start off with a TED talk or some music while eating breakfast just to help get my day off right.

So each Thursday I am going to leave you just a spark to ponder each week.  Today I start off with my favorite of all time.