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Lessons from a near death experience

What I Learned From a Near Death Experience

Back in March, I had what I would call a near death experience.

I think I can call it a near death experience even though I didn’t hover over my own body, my heart didn’t stop, and there was no white light or anyone from the other side.

I actually remember almost none of it and am going on the stories that were relayed to me.  There was a life flight, a chest tube, and the card on the flowers that my daughter gave me that said, “Mom, thanks for not dying!” All this evidence points me to the conclusion that it was, indeed, a near death experience. Continue reading

Humor + Amusement = Less Stress

Ever wonder why there are so many cat, dog, and goat videos all over the internet?

It’s simple- They make us laugh and give us a micro shot of relief!

As adults, many times our puritanical work ethic can get the best of us.  It keeps our nose to the grindstone and makes us think too seriously of ourselves sometimes.  Now, I believe it is important to have a good work ethic but it always helps us to alleviate some of that stress with humor and amusement.  And the scientists agree…even the ones over at Harvard! Whether it is sarcasm or silliness they are on board that it is a good thing. Continue reading