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Five Things You Can Do When Change Snowballs

Five Things You Can Do When Change Snowballs


Have you ever decided to clean out a closet or a room and you start and all of a sudden it looks way worse than the mess you were trying to remedy?

It happens to me all the time.  Sometimes knowing this makes me even reluctant to start.  Once I do start it can even be a bit daunting.

Then I realized that this happens when I make changes, too. Continue reading

Questions to ask yourself

Questions to Ask Yourself When Contemplating a Major Life Change


Sometimes we feel we need to make a change.  How can you tell if you just need to color your hair, try something new, or make a drastic change?

No one can really answer that question but you. Sometimes a small change can garner large results. However, if there is even a remote possibility that you could/should/want/have to make a huge transformation then you should make sure you explore it thoroughly. Continue reading

Two Universal Life Rules I Learned From Being a Girl Scout

Yes, I really was a Girl Scout.  I started as a Brownie and finished as a Senior.  I learned many things during that time- how to build a fire, how to identify edible foods in ‘the wild’ (meaning not in a grocery store), macramé, the art of crafting the perfect s’more and every word of “Little Bunny Foo Foo”.  I also learned that as much as I loved those cookies I was never going to desire a sales career.

There were two things the Girl Scouts drilled in to our heads from the beginning that not only have served me well but are universally true in every conceivable situation.  As of yet, I have not found a single situation where they do not apply.

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